Monday, April 11, 2011

Road to success is still under construction

while driving through the Summit USJ, i past this one QUOTE that catched the eyes of all driver i guess.

"The road to Success is Under Construction"

Oh my god! thats sooo true! No wonder la it's hard for us people to be successfull since the construction just started! as we move on with life, we are actually building the roads to get there but we forgot that in road construction, there are juction, traffic light, bumper and many other things that slower the acomplishment time . and yet most of the people are actually eager to be there earlier causes a person the reason for falling over and over again without achieving their goals.

Its Always a Baby's Steps"

remember when we were young, things are just tooo simple. but once we grew older... we tend to do everything at once and strive to get things done in split of second. We end up misarable ourself as the outcome are still far from our expectations.

Insyallah, we need a baby's step in construction the road to success. It might be slow guys, but DONT LOSE HOPE as the sun shine bright after the rainy days!