Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pinkoctober with jaclyn

I've been informed bout this event way back since a frien of my workin in this entertaiment field. as result... aku pon promised nak pegi this event. yup HARD ROCK KL! 31 October 2010 featuring Jac!

at first.. aku hampir terlupa ade event ni since aku penat gile few days dengan wedding kazen la... ade few other event lain juga... but aku pon bertahan pergi.. walau dah setengah mata je bukak.. SERIOUSLY IT WAS FUN! trust me... its beeen ages since aku tak masok tempat2 music kuat ni.... soo aku sendiri rasa pelik being there... hehe this few year.. i've only been to concert mostly...

selain kegempakkan suara Jac yang sungguh powerfull... aku terasa kecik je duduk dalam tu sebab aku pakai phone takde color... hehehe been using may Aunt. hp since i lost mind n rosakkan few other phone since then.... imagine semua orang pakai iPhone and Blackberry... few been askin my bb pin... i almost faint OH EMM GEE!!! lucky me, I put the phone on silent. If not surely orang dengar my monophonic hahahahhahahah GILA!

towards the end of this event.. people start to takin pic and i can see that they straight away post it on their FB.. (Via Blackberry nor iPhone) demmit! i cant say anythin about this.... since saya penguna handpone tanpa color.... lets not talk about taking picture if ur phone cant even produce any polyphonic sound! haha demmmmmm.. I ENJOYED THE NIGHT WITH ZALEK,Ronggeng, Kali& Friends~

Thats all about it.. move on to the next chapter of life... BUYING NEW HP! bertahan sampai 2012 baru bleh beli phone!!


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